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I realize it's been a while since I've posted ANYTHING! Maybe about a month... Well, Sofia has been home nearly two months. She is amazing in every way and we just can't get enough of her. All the kids have been adjusting very well and we are all exhausted! But that's good, right? I remember having trouble getting to sleep at night... Well, not anymore all I have to do is touch a pillow! LOL!

Here are a few pics of Sofia from recent days!

One Month

One Month is how long Sofia has been home! ONE MONTH! How time flies! Chris and I were just talking last night about how some days we still can't believe she's home, while other days it's like she's always been here. It's a very strange feeling.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this pic of the day!

My Awesome Husband

I wanted to post a little brag on my husband. He is always looking for ways to surprise me on holidays and birthdays but never seems to be successful or very good at it until now.

Today is my birthday... So, this past Saturday my husband told me he wanted to go to IKEA, just the two of us. This was strange to me because he hates shopping but I jumped at the chance to go. He said we should try the one in Brooklyn. I said, sounds great, lets go. So, we jumped in the car and drove to NYC except we didn't go to IKEA. We parked near times square and he rushed me to get where we needed to be. When we got there he said, "I got us tickets to see Phantom of the Opera!" I was WOWED to say the least! If anyone knows me, they know I'm a musical junkie so this was amazing! After the show I thought we would then be going to IKEA but NO! He had one more trick up his sleeve... He had made reservations at a really nice restaurant around the corner and we had a lovely dinner just the two of us. After that we did go to IKEA!

What a day!

This man fills my heart in so many ways! I love him like crazy! The best husband out there!

Our foster Children

I haven't really spoken of my two foster children on this blog as of yet. We were waiting to reveal our foster status to the world until after Sofia came home. Not to mention, this blog is really dedicated to her.

Chris and I had discussed becoming foster parents for several years before we decided to test the waters of the system last November. I remember being really nervous when making the first contact and expecting to be rejected because we were in the process of an international adoption. They did question us a lot about adopting Sofia and what our long term desires were. After several phone calls they said they thought it would work and we could start the process. We didn't hear from anyone again until February when we had our first home visit. Then in March we started training... April, I met one on one with the SW and had our second home visit. Tuesday, May 12, 2009 Chris met one on one and we had our final home visit. We were assured things would go smoothly and that we would notified when we were approved.

The following day I got a phone call from our SW. I thought there was going to be a problem with our paperwork because nothing seems to come too easily. However, she said, "don't worry, everything is fine. You are an approved foster home!" I was thrilled to say the least. She added that she had some news for us: A possible placement! I was dumbfounded. She said it was a boy, age 2 1/2 and a girl, age 11 months. They're siblings and part hispanic.

We were very excited and surprised! There were currently in a foster home that could no longer keep them and their SW wanted to place in a home that may be interested in adopting them. We struggled and prayed about the decision. We had reasons for saying yes and reasons for saying no. After receiving WISE counsel from several friends the conviction was placed on us to say yes because there are no accidents and if we were being asked God had a plan. How could be say no after hearing that?

Two weeks later, on May 28 they moved in! We were elated and worried if we could handle it. Needless to say they are still here and we are thrilled to have them. THey are a challenge and a blessing.

Our hope is to begin the adoption process in February or sooner. The BP are not following through with what the court has ordered of them and haven't been since they were placed in January.

It is difficult to make sense of my feelings about the situation... On one hand, I don't want the BP to get it together because I want these to stay with us... On the other hand, I really DO want them to get it together because I know they love their kids. (it's an unhealthy love but it is love). It's definitely hard to reconcile in my own heart. I do know this....

God is the planner, not me or the Social Workers or the Judges or anyone else. If His plan is for us to adopt these kids then we will... If not, then we will learn how to mourn the loss of them.

I love these kids very much and I am sure that my heart will be broken if they leave. But I know God has chosen our family for something bigger than I ever thought possible. I have, many times, sat back and wondered how we got to this place. I never wanted a house full of kids. I never wanted to be a stay at home Mom. I never wanted to be a home school junkie. And I definitely had no desire to adopt or take care of other peoples kids. I wanted 2 kids... I wanted to work as a musician... And I wanted a break from kids during school hours. God has turned my life upside down. And I like it. No I LOVE it. Don't get me wrong, I still have a dream of working as musician. I still mourn the loss of singing my heart on stage but... I want a house full of kids and I want to be home with them, teaching them...

There's no better life than the one God has given me. There's no better husband than my Chris, no better daughters than Renee and Sofia.

There's just No Better Life than the one I have. I have done nothing to deserve the blessings I have!

Thank you Jesus!!!!!!

Please enjoy this little video of our sweet Sofia!

Sofia a tutu and Tea Party!

This is my sweet Sofia having a fantabulous time this morning! She loves the Tutu I made and has been wearing for several days! I just love watching her play and have such a wonderful time. We are cherishing every moment with her.
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WOW!! What a Whirlwind

When we left to pick up Sofia, August 21, I knew things would be hectic for a little while but I have to say things have been down right insane.

We came home with Sofia August 24...travelled to Seymour IN, August 27, to visit family! They threw a HUGE party on the 29th and we then travelled to Terre Haute, IN on the 30th... We finally came home Labor day!!!

We are totally exhausted. But with all the exhaustion I am constantly looking at my family and saying, "I can't believe what has happened."

For those reading this blog that do not know Chris have been foster parents to two amazing kids since the end of May and are looking forward to the possibility of adopting in the near future... So, as I think about being parents to FOUR children I am utterly surprised that we have what it takes to simply keep up.

I won't write much more.... I will say that I have 2 of the most beautful daughters on the planet!



Pics of my sweet Sofia!


P.S. I did her hair today for the first time!

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