Bragging on Renee

Wanted to write a little post about my daughter, Renee, who is in the 10th grade...

I can't believe how smart and talented she is...

Around the beginning of January we found out that the online charter school she currently uses was having an "Inauguration Day essay contest." I encouraged her to write for it since she always talks about wanting to be a journalist or just a writer of some sort. She worked tirelessly before the inauguration to decide how she wanted to "cover" the story. On Inauguration Day, while my sister and brother-in-law were in town she sat in front of the TV glued to, what she called, history in the making!

She decided to write her essay from a "Racial Equality" perspective. Renee is half African American, so I have always wanted to her to be able to identify with that part of her heritage even though her parents are white and we live in a very white dominated area. Having said that, I wasn't sure how well she would relate to the "racial" aspect of the whole thing. She hasn't really dealt with discrimination personally. She's read books and watched movies and such but that's about it. She did say (and I had noticed) that she feels and sees A LOT of stares when we go places here in North East PA. It's as if many people have never seen a multi-racial person before. She has also experience extreme rudeness while shopping and such. For example, we have gone shopping several times and she has gone to her part of the store and I to mine. when I go to find her she is either browsing or getting ready to try something on. More often then not as I approach her I notice the employees either ignoring her or being rude. When they realize that I'm her mother the attitudes quickly vanish. It's interesting to me. She's very good brushing all that aside. She did, however, while living in Indiana, get accused of shoplifting from a Dollar General. of course, I wasn't there at the time and they even called the police on her. Which, by the way, is illegal if they do not WITNESS the theft and see the person walk out of the store with it. Chris and I went to this store immediately only to be told that Renee had a big purse and so she was suspicious. Interestingly enough, she was with 2 other white females (my sisters) but Renee was the main one accused. This got very ugly. we were furious. My daughter was unlawlfully searched by law enforcement and humiliated.

OKAY... I say all that to say... Renee is AWESOME! Smart...Sweet... Talented... Beautiful... you name it she's got it. She entered the contest and of the 200 or so high school entries she placed 2nd!

She has been sky high since. She wrote what she felt in a very knowledgeable way and has been rewarded for it. I think this is a confirmation that writing is her thing and now she REALLY knows it.

BTW, she decided she wants to start volunteering... She starts(small) at the library today. She made phone calls to dozens of places to find the right place and didn't ask me for help once...other than to drive her, she's only 15. her motivation astounds me. I can barely get motivated to take a shower most days ;)

Any way, that's my girl! I'm super proud of her. I will try to get my hands on her essay and post it soon.

I just love her


Good News?

Well, it looks like we're in Archives...Our update was a little vague but it did say that things were moving for us and that our paperwork is getting stamps. So, we'll see. I think it's cause for my heart to celebrate a little.


Apparently, I Need to Post

I was informed by a friend(I won't tell her name but her initials are A.M.Y ;D) that I need to post something. Apparently, she thinks I need to get something a little more positive out there.... So, here it goes....

Do you ever just KNOW God is working?

There have been several things I have been praying for lately and although not all have been answered God is definitely working.
Without going in to all the details I can say that God has provided ABUNDANTLY for our family and I couldn't feel more blessed.

Praise God!

P.S. I love you AMY!!!

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