Heavenly Father,

I praise you and thank you for the many blessings You have given to me. I know I am unworthy and undeserving of your grace, yet, You, so lavishly, pour it upon me daily. Your, ever present, hand can be seen all throughout my life. You have brought me up from darkness and set my feet on Your higher ground more times than I can count. You are always with me; guiding and disciplining. My gratitude will never be enough to fully thank and give You the glory You deserve. All I can give is: Me. Today, I am Yours. All of me. I surrender to your will.

Lord, bless my, dear, husband. He loves You more than anything and desires to be a man after Your heart. I pray that You'll show him Your power today. Bless him.

Father, be with my children. Show them who You are and how they desperately need You.

Savior, bless our adoption. We know Your time is the right time and I pray for Your peace during the rest of the wait. I cannot thank You enough for dear Sofia. I know there is nothing good in me that I should deserve such a blessing but You have chosen to bless anyway. I pray that You will bring her home to us.

Thank You for saving me, loving me and NEVER letting me go.


What a beautiful day! And adoption news!

My goodness this day could not be more beautiful. The sun is FINALLY out and the temp is perfect. We don't have air conditioning and on a day like today we don't need it!!

I know I haven't been very faithful in posting lately but God has been working in our lives lately. I can't go into detail right now but hope to be able to shortly.

Chris and I called the orphanage yesterday afternoon to talk to Sofia and see about an update! Well, great news... The orphanage director says it's just a matter of weeks before Sofia comes home! We will find out more specifics around June 23.

Our hearts have really been aching for Sofia lately and she NEVER leaves our thoughts. We're praying that all will go well and she will be home with us before her 3rd birthday, July 25.

God is showing me more and more how He ALWAYS finishes what He starts! He will see this through to the end!

Keep praying,


P.S. here's a pic of my lovely girl! She puts me in tears every time I look at her!

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