Pics of my sweet Sofia!


P.S. I did her hair today for the first time!


We got home late last night! It has been an amazing ride! Sofia truly is our little Haitian Queen. She was perfect on the flights and as sweet as she should could be when we got home.

I'll post more with pics later, just wanted to give a little update!

I'm giddy!!!

We're here

We landed yesterday afternoon and it's been a blast! We have church tomorrow with her birth parents and home on monday!!! Sofia is perfect!!!!!!! I can't believe we will be home with her monday!

Love to All


I'm Leavin' On a Jet Plane

Well, I woke up at 2:30 this morning.... We are leaving for the airport at 4. I haven't really slept at all due to the intense excitement!

I can't wait to hold Sofia and know she's coming home to stay. I'm praying our flights are all on time (we only have 30 minute layover in Miami) and we arrive safely in PAP. I'm also praying that this weekend goes quickly so we can be home again with our whole family!

Please pray with me as we FINALLY end this part of our adoption adventure!



Our travel date has been set for this friday. We are extremely excited byond words. We are so thankful.

I have been "nesting" since last week and can't seem to find enough to do around the house. We have been packed for a week and the house is almost entirely clean.

It's really strange to think that this time next week our baby girl will finally be home with us. We have been dreaming about this day for so long.

Please pray for Sofia that her adjustment will be easy on her. Please pray for safe travels and a good time while in Haiti!

Thanks in advance for all your prayers!


Visa will be done Monday!

we have our Visa Appointment!!!!

Hey all-

We have our visa appointment this Friday the 14th!!!!

We are praying to travel next Friday!!! It's unreal how close we are!

Just a quick post to say...

We have I-600 approval and are just waiting for the VISA!!!!! We're pumped... the bags are packed and we're ready to go!

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